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Give Gifts You Want To Keep For Yourself

Give Gifts You Want To Keep For Yourself

It’s sunny today, can you fill my ‪water‬ table? my ‪toddler‬ asks. Three days ago, I bought the table as a ‪gift‬ for the first ‪birthday‬ of a ‎friend‬’s ‪baby‬ son. As soon as I got it ‪home‬, I realized there was no way I would be able to keep such a...

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“It is so difficult to be a mom with ambitions beyond children. There has been no handbook on how to do it until now – I appreciate the work Kathy Zucker is doing, and she continues to inspire me.”

Iris Zimmerman

Olympic Athlete, Co-Owner, Rochester Fencing Club

“Shorty Awards winner Kathy Zucker proves that gowns and dresses are far from the only way for women to rock an elegant and stylish red carpet look.”

How to Dress For Success

Shorty Awards

“Comprised of leaders in technology, journalism, business and culture, the Real Time Academy of Short Form Arts & Sciences plays a vital role in recognizing the top content creators, influencers and organizations on social media.”

Global Issues Panel Member, Kathy Zucker

Real Time Academy

“Kathy is a great example of someone who uses social media to share her own life lessons, which in turn help others.”

Kathy Zucker Wins Shorty Award in New Category Honoring #Moms and #Dads who Inspire Others

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